Graphic Design

It may be a cliché, but the fact remains that first impressions are crucial and could make the difference between a project that is showcased and another that is ignored. At Catapulte communication, we are both creative and detail-oriented so can ensure that your documents and your corporate image are your gateways to success.

Annual reports
The lowly annual report… Inescapable and time-consuming to produce, this important document remains poorly understood. At Catapulte communication, our mission is to make it both visually appealing and completely dynamic. You and your team work too hard to leave this presentation of your annual achievements languishing at the bottom of your website.
Although the contents are of paramount importance (and we can help with that as well), the vehicle chosen can sometimes positively or negatively influence readers. We can help. Showcasing your content, your ideas and your projects is one of our strengths and every effort will be made to appeal to both neophytes and experts.
Every kind of graphic design
Cartes d’affaires
Sites web
Media Kit
Concise, meaningful and visually appealing, your next media kit should be put together by Catapulte communication! Used to showcase the essence of your business, this kit is a first-class introduction to the universe you have created and wish to share with both clients and partners. Make sure that it is attractive, creative and unforgettable.
Brand Identity
At Catapulte communication, we are fortunate to be working with an experienced graphic designer and a team of creative and innovative advisors. Whether you wish to revamp your logo, revisit your colour palette or simply create a brand identity from scratch that will stand out from the rest, we are at your service!

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