Crisis Management

When everything is going wrong and there is no solution in sight, when emotions prevail over reason and an intervention is required, our team’s ability to respond to problems with composure and to pivot quickly with the right instincts is exactly what you need.
Emergency strikes
Since life rarely flows smoothly, the concept of “crisis management” (even if we make every effort to avoid using it) can sometimes help us out of a real bind.

Our experience
All members of the Catapulte communication team have gained solid experience in this type of situation over the course of successful careers in federal and provincial politics in Canada. This daily response to the vicissitudes of current events and stories uncovered by the press has transformed our team into crisis management experts who will help you recover from situations that, at first glance, appear to be out of control.
Our offering
Whether you wish to learn about the principles underlying efficient crisis management or unfortunately find yourselves in a big mess, the Catapulte communication team is ready to spring into action and guide you through these challenging situations with calmness, control, creativity and care.

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