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Martin Choquette-Scott

Web developer

A tech fanatic, Martin has a thirst for knowledge and likes to be on the lookout for new online trends. The “service geek” of the Catapulte team, Martin has skills that are valued by others. They also enable him to use his talents for the benefit of his clients and to develop the tools needed to effectively guide them through the maze that is the digital world.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Political Science from Université Laval, Martin has strengthened his credentials by successfully completing a Master of Administration specializing in e-business. He has also held various management positions in several restaurants in Quebec City, an experience which helped him develop an acute sense of client relations and priority management.

Wine, beer or spirits?
Beer from Les Grand Bois Microbrewery.
If you could be anyone for 24 hours, who would you be?
Barack Obama
What is your dream vacation destination?
Backpacking in Mexico.