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Cedrik Verreault

Public Relations Advisor

A political joust enthusiast from a very young age and with experience in communications and management in the partisan and associative sectors, Cedrik began his career at Catapulte after completing his bachelor's degree in political science at Université Laval, from which he graduated with a concentration in communications and political strategy. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the political context at all levels of government to adapt his advice and approaches to the rapidly evolving media environment. 

A skilled popularizer with a methodical mind, Cedrik has a keen interest in political marketing practices, media relations and social networks. He is a people person, a side of him that is evident in his academic background.

Critical thinker
Political acumen
If politics didn't exist, what would you do?
Definitely a reference in tourism, restaurants and bars in Quebec City. I would probably have a blog!
What do you do to unwind from your day?
Have a drink and listen to a TV show with my boyfriend while I maintain my weakness for chips.
Anything to know about your background?
I may be a caricature of a city boy, but I grew up on the North Shore and lived in British Columbia for 5 years with my family. This gives me a sensitivity to regional issues!