You provide the ideas, we provide the words! Do you lack the time or requisite skill set? At Catapulte communication, our team of experienced writers will adapt to your style and constantly promote your ideas so that you reach the right audience in the right way.
Writing newsletters
Have you built an extensive list of email addresses over time that is now languishing in some dusty filing cabinet? Email marketing or personalized newsletters could very well be your missing link!
Grant writing
Got a project close to your heart that needs a bit of a financial boost? In addition to knowing the government process like the back of their hand, the Catapulte communication team would be pleased to help you draft your various grant applications.
Editorial services
You asked your brother-in-law to draft your document, but the end result is not exactly what you had in mind? Our editorial team would be pleased to revise and improve your work to ensure that you get the most out of your publications.
Writing briefs
Has the government introduced a bill or draft regulation that matters to you? Drafting a brief for submission to a Parliamentary Commission could be the solution you need, and we are there to provide it.
Writing press releases
Do you feel that one of your events, opinions or expertise deserves media coverage? Drafting a press release summarizing your position and clearly conveying your ideas could bring you closer to your goal!
Writing for the web
Has your website lost some of its original appeal or simply has not yet gone live? The Catapulte communication writing team works together with a web marketing expert to make sure that the algorithms identify your key words and promote your services!

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